Karson Kupiec

Green Curve took the headaches or of designing my new office, their project manual prevented errors from occurring and it gave me a lot of purchasing leverage for equipment, furniture and construction. I saved a lot of money and best of all, I now have a unique, yet...

Richard Ting

Using Green Curve is the only way to go.  They’re not only extremely knowledgeable, but they’re refreshingly sincere and surprisingly economical.

Sima Rafati

Working with Green Curve was one of my best decisions in life, I have been recommending them to every individual, professional and non professional that I see.  I have very high regards for them and what they’ve done for me.

Eric D. Wu

Green Curve oversaw my project from design to completion saving me $155K in construction costs, their floor planning is far superior. When I called I was always able to speak directly with one of the principals or a designer, their customer service was great!

Scott Meier

I was extremely impressed with Green Curve throughout the entire design process, I saved thousands of dollars by having them manage construction bidding.  I absolutely love my new office, I receive a multitude of compliments, a lot of potential patients and many...