I am just thrilled with our “NEW” office. Not only is it truly beautiful with the new colors and design details, but now extremely efficient. My production is up 40%!! I am not kidding, 40% Wow! For an orthodontic practice that has been in the same town for 30 years and the same location for 11 years how can you explain such a rapid increase in new patient starts? But more importantly for me the new office design is so efficient that my stress level has decreased. My talented staff has enough room and treatment chairs to complete their jobs properly.

Michael McLaughlin, Orthodontist

Flag Staff, AZ

With all the challenges of building a new office sometimes I forget to say thank you. I want to thank all you for my beautiful office!! I love the Burlington office that you designed, but you out did yourselves with Arlington. My patients, staff, colleagues, and fellow condo owners love it. A parent even wants you to design their kitchen.
With greatest appreciation.

Dan Varallo, Orthodontist

Burlington, MA

1_Pauline-Panorama1  Green Curve Studio

I was extremely impressed with Green Curve throughout the entire design process and, in particular, when I saw the final outcome. I saved as much as I paid by having them detail the plans and specifications prior to the bid process. Green Curve handled all of the bidding, and they were very adept at finding inflated bid items and negotiating on my behalf to reduce the prices. I absolutely love my new office; it is one of the most comfortable and fun environments that I have ever seen, and I receive a multitude of compliments on it every day. Parents and patients often talk about its design, and a lot of professionals stop by just because they heard about it.

Scott Meier, Orthodontist

Jupiter, FL

Green Curve was very detail-oriented throughout the design process, listening to my preferences along the way. They helped me understand the flow of my space, provided tips on optimizing the layout, and put together tasteful color combinations that complemented my vision. Green Curve only visited my site once, the site visit was quite useful, and then I could reach them over the phone whenever I needed their assistance. They were well worth the cost, taking care of details that I would have never thought of and producing excellent results. I get compliments from patients on my office all of the time and would definitely recommend Green Curve to other professionals.

Monica A. Teredesai, DMD

Wilton, CT

Screen-Shot-2016-06-24-at-5.07.26-PM  Green Curve Studio

Just a little history…. throughout the last 24 years, I have designed five different offices. And without a doubt, Green Curve provided the best design experience I have ever had. Why? They directed and handled the design and build-out process, saving me from headaches and hassles of a middleman. Before I chose them, I did a lot of research including reviewing their website, which displays many of their past projects. Their uniquely expressive and contemporary style was exactly what I was looking for, so I confidently sat back and let them do their thing. Then, I provided approval for all of the work—but did not change much! In my humble opinion, they provide design genius. The cost of their design was insignificant when compared to my return on investment from day one!

Matthew Walton, Orthodontist

Suwanee, GA

When I decided to move my office I started out working with a local equipment supplier’s drafting team and found the plans lacking. In looking for a design firm Green Curve’s portfolio stood out to me because each of their projects is so unique, so I knew they had the skill and would take the time to interpret my vision. To begin with Green Curve developed a floor plan flow that was highly functional and enhanced the patient experience in ways I had hoped for, but I never would have imagined on my own.

Their knowledge of dental office ergonomics and function driven by aesthetics provides for the most elegant design solution. They showed immense conceptual artistry in providing options for; architectural products, finishes, color harmonies, wall and ceiling details. They created a spectacular beam design in the reception room and clinical hallway, and suggested faux beams which saved over $10k in construction costs.

Their cabinet and construction details, specifications and documentation were impeccable. As a percentage of what I paid for the construction Green Curve was a bargain, the design has had a tremendous impact on attracting new patients.
Overall I would hire Green Curve again in a heartbeat!

Robert Stafford, Dentist

Happy Valley, OR

The Green Curve team is responsive, quick, and extremely creative. They offer orthodontic-specific expertise with precisely detailed plans, a Project Manual, and construction documents that keep the contractor in line, which all saved me a lot of time. When I compared Green Curve’s fees to the percentages that other resources wanted, I found that Green Curve cost about 40% less. Plus, they have a flexible pricing structure, so whatever your budget, you will end up with a fantastic, forward thinking office that you can afford. Choose to work with Green Curve and you will be glad you did. They are incredible!

Brad Chvatal, Orthodontist

Eugene, OR

Slide-2_IMG_1669  Green Curve Studio

I had a wonderful experience with Green Curve. The design work is head and shoulders above anything local resources could have offered. I definitely say that the response I get from my patients is that they love my office and the sense of quality and comfort when they walk in the door. And I saved at least $80k in construction costs. It was well worth the investment.

Tasha W. Bolden, Orthodontist

Nazareth, PA

I hired Green Curve Studio on behalf of my wife, Dr. Daniela Petre who is a general dentist. We have hired them twice, once in Washington state and now in Texas. Both times the entire process worked very well. The follow up is absolutely great, any issues were solved really fast.
Green Curve is very professional and they have a lot of experience in dental offices. I am not sure what architects you have in your area, but most of the portfolios we reviewed were very boring and did not have the emotional connection that Dr. Petre wanted for her office. They have a systematic approach to design providing a full set of thoroughly detailed plans and project manual. The money you will save due to obtaining detailed bids from several contractors alone will easily pay for their design fee. And your project will have a very small amount of change orders because the design is completed before construction, not during construction like most projects. Generally speaking we consider that a nice office attracts quality patients and definitely Green Curve can help you with that. You save money during construction and the design of your office will draw in new patients, so financially it make sense too to use them.
There is no comparison with what the local equipment supplier can design for you. Usually the local provider is doing only a general plan of the office but nothing else. There will be so many unanswered questions after they are done that the bidding and the build up will be very difficult and expensive.
I can highly recommend them for professionalism and perfect customer service.

Michael Petre, Administrator

Daniela Petre, General Dentist, McKinney, TX

Slide-20-Vestibule-IMG_2730-copy  Green Curve Studio

I would highly recommend Green Curve Studio, inc. Their artistic style and design set my office apart from other orthodontic offices in the area, and their floor planning is far superior to what the dental supply companies or local architect would create.

They also differ from the supply companies since they oversee the entire project from design to completion and they have the potential contractors bid on your project for the tightest bid. They saved me $155k in constriction costs. Their customer service was very good, every time I called them I was able to speak directly with one of the principals or a designer. Rarely, did I get the voice mail.

Eric D. Wu, Orthodontist

Palo Alto, CA

Of the many decisions required to build an office, hiring your team was one of the best we made. We continually get compliments on the design, layout and color scheme. We are still impressed by your management systems, I know that we saved tens of thousands of dollars and got a remarkable office in the process. We could not be happier.

Charles Reed, Orthodontist

Powell, OH

I had a great experience working with Green Curve, I saved at least $100k in construction costs. I would strongly recommend you use them as you want to have your office stand out and be very unique, especially in this economy. The distance was not a concern for me because of their integration of modern technology in the design process. Don’t use equipment reps as you will only get a very generic office. In this economy you definitely want a wow factor. It will attract patients and you also attract and maintain quality staff members too.

John Esterkyn, Orthodontist

Antioch, CA

Working with Green Curve was one of my best decisions in life. I have been recommending them to every individual, professional and nonprofessional that I see. I have very high regards for the Green Curve team, they are very creative, on a small space they managed everything that I wanted. Patients love the office giving me compliments every single time, they love the coloring and the design. I cannot appreciate enough what Green Curve has done for me, I have a very efficient and yet beautiful office for many years to come. They are very professional and they respond to you very fast even on the weekend.

Sima Rafati, DDS

San Jose, CA

Using Green Curve is the only way to go. They’re not only extremely knowledgeable in ortho office design, but they’re also refreshingly sincere and surprisingly economical. In the end, I saved a lot of money by avoiding costly design redos and construction errors and miscalculations. I never want to spend my life savings on a cloned office, and with Green Curve’s reasonable cost for one-of-a-kind designs, I’ll never have to.

Richard Ting, Orthodontist

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

I started out working with a local equipment supplier to develop a floor plan with the intention of having Green Curve review my plans as a consultant. However after Green Curve’s review of the plan it was even more apparent to me that local resources were highly unskilled. Green Curve’s knowledge of office flow and function was a great relief which allowed me to take the hands-off approach; all I had to do was edit and select from the design options they provided. My new office is not only a beautiful and inspiring environment to work in every day, but it also gets rave reviews. Patients and visiting doctors constantly tell me that my office is incredible, relaxing, and unlike anything they have ever seen. I highly recommend Green Curve; their services are truly worth the investment.

Noel Moser, Orthodontist

San Diego, CA

Slide-4-IMG_1062  Green Curve Studio

Green Curve took the headaches out of designing my new office. They worked with me to develop a floor plan layout, construction details and a color palette that reflected the exact vision I had for the space. The designers then supplied a detailed Project Manual that facilitated the construction process. They fielded calls from contractors as they received them and promptly returned the ones they missed. When the contractors called us, it was very nice to be able to defer their questions to Green Curve.

It was a worthwhile investment, the Project Manual prevented errors from occurring during construction and recourse if they somehow occurred anyway. Using them for the planning and design gave me a lot of purchasing leverage discounted prices for equipment and furniture, the savings far surpassed the initial cost of design. I saved a lot of money and best of all, I now have a unique, yet inviting new office!

Karson Kupiec, Orthodontist

Imperial, CA