• Facilities Planning & Design Management
  • Brand Development
  • Comprehensive Interior Design
  • Building Design
  • Floor Planning
  • Ceiling Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Construction Drawings & Details
  • Casework & Cabinet Design
  • Electrical/IT Planning
  • Finish Selections
  • Specifications & Schedules
  • 3D Modeling
  • Furniture & Artwork Planning
  • Administration
    • Team Administration: Design & Engineering
    • Bidding Administration
    • Construction Administration
  • Graphic Design Management

Project Types

  • Ground Up Buildings
  • Building Conversions
  • Remodel/Expansions
  • Leased Office
  • Office Condominiums
  • Existing Office ReDecorate/ReBrand

Design Programs

  • Floor Planning Only™
  • Team Up™
  • Take Charge™
  • Green Curve 360°™

Facilities Panning & Design Management

Screen-Shot-2017-01-18-at-2.31.05-PM-1-561x400  Green Curve Studio

Bldg Shell Design Management: Green Curve
Bldg Shell Architect: Sandholm Architects

Slide-1-Bldg-Shell_Hartman_-IMG_2790-753x400  Green Curve Studio

Bldg Shell Design Mgmt: Green Curve
Bldg Shell Architect & Engineer: Motley Associates
Consulting Architect: Dustin Furseths, AIA

Slide-2-Bldg-Shell_Hartman_-IMG_2793-600x400  Green Curve Studio
Slide-3-Bldg-Shell_Hartman-Shot-2014-10-22-at-12.31.25-PM-1-267x400  Green Curve Studio
Slide-4_Bldg-Shell_Nowlin_IMG_2131-600x400  Green Curve Studio

Bldg Shell Design Mgmt: Green Curve
Bldg Shell Architect: Weldon Bowman, AIA

Slide-5_BLDG-IMG_Wong_0647-585x400  Green Curve Studio

Bldg Shell Design Mgmt: Green Curve
Bldg Shell Architect: Richard Ditter, AIA

Slide-6_Bldg-Shell-600x400  Green Curve Studio

Bldg Design Mgmt: Green Curve
Bldg Shell Architect: Tony Yraguen, AIA

About Our Company

We specialize in Dental, Orthodontic and Medical office design.

When you choose to work with Green Curve, you’re choosing a firm with a proven track record of excellence.

Our service includes an absolutely critical component expert floor planning. A flawed floor plan would likely stall your project for months, forcing you to switch design teams trying to develop a functional layout. Due to lack of expertise and frustration, the designer or architect would probably pass your project off to a contractor to address floor planing issues during construction. This would result in installed structural, electrical and plumbing system modifications, costing you tens of thousands of dollars in change orders. Then you may find yourself out of funds and time, and all you have to show for your efforts is not an ideal solution but rather, a mediocre design.

Green Curve prevents this outcome by leveraging more than 22 years of experience.


“Amazing design team! They have amazing creativity, attention for detail, orthodontic knowledge of flow and office layout, and a dedication to seeing the job done to completion. If you haven’t ever seen one of their project manuals, you need to before making a decision on a designer. They leave NOTHING to chance and will leave nothing for your contractor to ‘guess.’ Worth every penny.

Brad Chvatal

DDS, Eugene, OR

“I hired Green Curve Studio on behalf of my wife, Dr. Daniela Petre who is a general dentist. We have hired them twice, once in Washington state and now in Texas. Both times the entire process worked very well. The follow up is absolutely great, any issues were solved really fast. Green Curve is very professional and they have a lot of experience in dental offices. They have a systematic approach to design providing a full set of thoroughly detailed plans and project manual. The money you will save due to obtaining detailed bids from several contractors alone will easily pay for their design fee. You save money during construction and the design of your office will draw in new patients, so financially it make sense too to use them.

Michael Peter

Administrator , McKinney, TX

“Just a little history, throughout the last 24 years, I have designed five different offices. And without a doubt, Green Curve provided the best design experience I have ever had. Why? They directed and handled the design and build-out process, saving me from headaches and hassles of a middleman. Their contemporary style was exactly what I was looking for, so I confidently sat back and let them do their thing. Then, I provided approval for all of the work but did not change much! In my humble opinion, they provide design genius. The cost of their design was insignificant when compared to my return on investment from day one!”

Matthew Walton

DDS, Suwanee, GA

“I am just thrilled with our NEW office. Not only is it truly beautiful with the new colors and design details, but now extremely efficient. My production is up 40%!! I am not kidding, 40% Wow! For an orthodontic practice that has been in the same town for 30 years and the same location for 11 years how can you explain such a rapid increase in new patient starts? But more importantly for me the new office design is so efficient that my stress level has decreased. My talented staff has enough room and treatment chairs to complete their jobs properly.”

Michael McLaughlin

DDS, Flag Staff, AZ